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Dina Rollman founded this not-for-profit association in September 2014 with the mission of ensuring that women would be at the starting line of Illinois’ newest industry – an industry too new to have a glass ceiling – rather than playing catch up.   We've been through some big milestones in the industry – cultivators harvesting their first crop of medical cannabis, dispensaries stocked their shelves with product, and registered patients finally have access to purchase their medication.

There are so many men and women whose hard work have made this milestone a reality – government regulators who designed the Medical Cannabis Pilot Program and its rules, patient advocates helping patients get certifications from doctors and get through all of the paperwork, and business operators committed to building facilities and implementing sophisticated operations to provide safe, high quality medicine to patients.  It is because of the common goal of all of these stakeholders – to make safe, high quality medical cannabis available to Illinois patients – that Illinois is poised to reach this milestone.

And this is only just the beginning.  IWC is excited to see the industry launch and then develop.  And we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure that as the industry develops and matures, it does so with women at the forefront of innovation as well as responsible for the day-to-day success of the Program.

IWC’s committees are hard at work planning networking events that bring together men and women already working in the industry with those looking to get involved.  We are planning free educational events to help patients and physicians learn about the Program. We are reaching out to employers and asking them to provide us with job openings to post on this site. We are also reaching out to women throughout the State so that they are aware of all the opportunities out there.  We also want to hear from you – what can IWC do to help you succeed in this industry?

Thank you for visiting our website.  Please check back regularly for updates on all things related to women and the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program.

Dina Rollman
Founder, Illinois Women in Cannabis


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