Cannabis Healing: Sacred Plant Medicine in 2017

Guest Post by Bobbi-Lee Williams* 

Humanity’s relationship with sacred plant medicine is as deeply connected with the birth of consciousness as the plants themselves are rooted into the Earth. Called entheogens, this class of plant life has long been a guiding light for our species. Cannabis in particular has been a helper of human evolution since before history began to be recorded. It was used by ancient civilizations as religious sacrament, healing medicine, and prized for it’s infinitely useful fibers. In fact, our hunter-gatherer days were highlighted by the discovery of these consciousness altering plants and fungi that were the catalysts for creating art, agriculture, religion, and culture[1]

Modern science has proved to us what the ancients intuitively understood: The body is hardwired to accept and be supported by Cannabis in the form of brain receptors uniquely suited for cannabinoids. When we consume Cannabis we are actively supporting the Endocannabinoid System in its duty of regulating our body’s energy usage[2]. This system is our natural defense against illness, imbalance and helps to provide a sense of well being. However, the proliferation of environmental toxins, fast food diets, and pharmaceutical interference have all worked to overwhelm our body’s natural ability to heal itself. This is one reason why Cannabis decriminalization is so crucial. If we are to truly rise up in the face of bigotry, hate, and media dictated fear, we must take personal responsibility for our health. Mindful use of this plant medicine is a powerful key to our collective healing as a species because it offers us therapeutic tools for the entire being: mind, body and soul. 

Because of Cannabis’ inherent usefulness and many healing properties, it has been subject to varying degrees of prohibition by those who would rather us stay in the Dark Ages. It continues to be demonized by the control systems of the modern corporatocracy. To those of us on the “inside”, it is obvious why they don’t want the healing power of Cannabis unleashed on the population. If we were all satisfied and healthy, then their lures of mindless consumerism and fear mongering would cease to be effective bait. This empowerment of the individual is everything they are afraid of because it threatens the status quo’s bottom line. It is time to reject this handed-down mindset and reclaim the ancestral practices by consciously partnering with Cannabis to restore the health of humanity on all levels. 

The way forward requires a look at the big picture. Sacred divine wisdom lives within the heart-space of each one of us. Cannabis awakens this inner wisdom and calls for us to remember what we are and where we came from. As Stephen Gaskin said, “You can use cannabis as a sacrament--not as an end in itself, but as a holy tool to help you to experience reality. Cannabis opens you up and leaves you compassionate”. He is speaking of the conscious exploration of the altered mental state that Cannabis imparts. It is an intensely personal journey with rewards that blossom into every part of one’s life. In my experience, the cultivation of compassion, towards self and others, is deeply healing and creates great change in whomever it touches. This is exactly the kind of shift needed to help us evolve past the modern day fear-based lifestyle. 

Those of us who have chosen to embrace Cannabis must continue to bear the good news by acting with integrity, love, and compassion, especially towards those who oppose us. Despite the massive effort to keep us sick and discouraged, we are healing! We are shattering the stigma by rising up healed, peaceful, and whole. This plant ally is a clear “I Love You!” from Mother Nature. In this way, She gently reminds us that Love really is the answer. 


  1. Herer, Jack. “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”. Chapter 10: Myth, Magick, and Mystery. 1985.

*Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Illinois Women in Cannabis.

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