Cresco Labs has established itself as the most successful cultivation group in the State of Illinois.  We received the three highest scores of all cultivation applications reviewed by the State.  Having 3 facilities in Joliet, Kankakee and Lincoln, gives us the opportunity to utilize state of the art equipment and automation – creating efficiencies and a scope of products surpassing those of any other group.  We are seeking professional, highly motivated individuals who are passionate about making a positive and lasting impact on peoples’ lives through the cultivation and manufacturing of this innovative medicine.  Job openings include:

  • Facility Compliance and Inventory Supervisor

  • Cultivation Team Leads

  • Gardeners

  • Harvest Technicians

  • Facility Maintenance Supervisor

  • Extraction Agents

  • Packaging Agents

  • Infused Products Agents

Cresco Labs will focus on regulatory compliance and developing the most condition-specific strains of cannabis and non-invasive delivery methods (alternatives to smoke inhalation) to provide controlled-dosage medicinal cannabis relief to qualified patients. It is the mission and vision of Cresco Labs to enhance patients’ quality of life by providing:

  • Safe, professional and hyper-compliant operations

  • Consistent and effective product offerings

  • A well-run and highly-respected corporate organization and management staff

  • Education and outreach programs for the benefit of patients, the medical community, the authorities and the State of Illinois

With the exposure garnered from its success through the application process, Cresco Labs is in a unique position to be the first brand name that patients and dispensary owners see and recognize. Cresco Labs will initially aim to establish the premier brand of medical cannabis and cannabis infused products in Illinois before taking the brand and operations into other states with newly structured legal cannabis programs.  For more information and to apply, please visit

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