Patient Care Consultant

Position Overview

The Patient Care Consultant works in tandem with Dispensary management to provide excellent service to medical cannabis patients. The PCC will meet with patients regularly to establish relationships and help recommend cannabis strains and methods of consumption. PCCs will maintain a clean work environment for patients and employees. PCCs must abide by company policies, procedures and operational guidelines to ensure facility’s compliance with local and state regulations. PCCs are responsible for creating a safe and inviting environment for new and returning patients to learn more about medical cannabis. PCCs should be compassionate, personable and educated in the cannabis industry. PCCs should be well versed in the strains and medicinal products offered in the Dispensary. PCCs must be effective and efficient communicators, as well as top notch listeners. It is the PCCs job to RECOMMEND medical cannabis strains and methods of ingestion, not give medical advice.


Job Functions

  • Represent the Dispensary with integrity and successfully communicate their message of wellness new and returning patients

  • Meet and greet patients with pleasant and calm demeanor

  • Provide accurate and up to date information regarding Illinois laws and Patient rights

  • Make strain and medicinal product recommendations based on patient insights.

  • Responsible for providing a high level of education pertaining to medical cannabis strains, edibles, concentrates and consumption mechanisms to patients

  • Fulfilling final orders for patients

  • Maintaining a clean and organized work environment

  • Learn and become proficient with Dispensary POS (point of sales) system

  • Exhibit correct cash handling and discount application

  • Work closely with Dispensary manager to ensure patient satisfaction

  • Take detailed notes of each patient interaction and enter information into Patient database.

  • Maintain open and honest communications with Dispensary management team

  • Report employee or patient issues in a timely manner

  • Be and remain compliant with and all legal or company regulations within the Illinois cannabis industry.


  • Minimum age requirement of 21 years old

  • Two to three years of experience in a customer service or health care environment

  • Excellent customer communication and service skills

  • Strong interpersonal communication and conflict resolution skills

  • Passionate about serving the IL medical cannabis community

  • Strong math and computer skills

  • Must attain required state licensure

  • Must be willing to submit to a background check

  • Must be willing to work weekends!

  • Prior experience within the medical cannabis community or health and wellness industries is a plus

Please email resume to Amanda Guerrero.


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