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Ready to become part of the IWC community? We have several levels of membership to ensure an opportunity for everyone.

Empower yourself and women everywhere in the cannabis industry

There are so many reasons to join Illinois Women in Cannabis. Whether you want to become part of the Illinois cannabis industry or are looking for ways to expand your business and networking opportunities, IWC is the place to be.

We are a grassroots group of passionate women—and men—committed to creating social change by sharing our skills, knowledge, stories, and compassion to benefit and support one other. The connection, education, mentorship and support our members experience can be career-defining and life-changing.

At my first introduction to IWC, I knew I needed to be part of this amazing group of very focused, powerful women who were not afraid to speak up. As a voice for senior cannabis consumers, I ensure rights, provide education, and free citizens from discrimination, negative stigmas, and harassment. IWC has provided invaluable support for me in this role.

Luba Andrus, R.Ph., B.S., M.J.

Patient Advocate and President, StellarMed Group LLC

Membership options for everyone



Ideal for

  • Career Professionals/Students
  • Patients/Caregivers
  • Cannabis Advocates

Membership Includes

  • 10% discount on paid events 

  • Listing in the Member Directory

  • Member-to-member discounts and member perks on business goods and services

  • Opportunity to serve on business committees

Membership Discounts

  • Government employee: $50
  • Registered patients, students, veterans, others in need: $25

Social Equity


Membership Includes

  • 10% discount on paid events 

  • Listing in the Member Directory

  • Member-to-member discounts and member perks on business goods and services

  • Opportunity to serve on business committees

Small Business


Membership Includes

  • Highlighted listing on member directory

  • 10% discount on paid events

  • Offer member-to-member discounts on business goods and services

  • Receive member-to-member discounts and member perks on business goods and services

  • Early event registration for limited capacity events 

  • Opportunity to serve on business committees




  • VIP listing on member directory

  • 10% discount on paid events 

  • Offer member-to-member discounts on business goods and services

  • Receive member-to-member discounts and member perks on business goods and services

  • Early event registration for limited capacity events 

  • Opportunity to serve on business committees

Educational Organizations


Membership Includes

  • Preferred intern placement

  • VIP listing on member directory

  • Partnership with IWC for programming

  • Partner in career fairs and resources

  • Opportunity for inclusion on our event calendar and weekly e-newsletter

  • Complimentary virtual booth at select events

Illinois Women in Cannabis is a welcoming and inclusive organization hosting events that are accessible to everyone who is active in or interested in learning more about Illinois’ regulated cannabis industry. If you wish to participate in any IWC activity but are unable to due to financial hardships, please contact IWC at IWC leaders look forward to seeing you soon!

Share your talents by joining a committee

IWC members find committee involvement both professionally and personally rewarding. IWC committees give participants an opportunity to work directly with a spectrum of professionals to: 

  • Plan networking events that connect those already working in the industry with those looking to get involved;
  • Organize educational events to help patients and physicians learn about the Illinois cannabis program;
  • Work with employers to connect job seekers with job openings;
  • Raise awareness among women throughout the state about all of the opportunities that exist;
  • Advocate for change to federal and state policies to increase opportunity and equity in the industry;
  • And so much more.

Responsibilities of Committee Members 

The responsibilities of committee members vary by committee, but usually include at a minimum the following: 

  • Perform assigned duties in order to accomplish the objectives of the committee

  • Attend committee meetings by phone, usually monthly but can be more frequent in preparation for special events and activities

  • Attend Committee events and functions, as needed

  • Chair or co-chair sub-committees, as needed

  • Actively promote and implement IWC’s strategic plan

Expected Time Commitment

Time commitments vary based on the scope and nature of each committee and its responsibilities. Committee members should anticipate dedicating a minimum of five hours per month to committee duties. Additional time may be required for periodic committee events, community service activities, educational programming, and networking engagements.

Qualities of a Committee Chair

Being a committee chair is an important role in our organization. With that in mind, we apply stringent standards in the search for chairpersons. The most successful applicants will be individuals who: 

      • Can bring a variety of skills, experience, and diversity to the organization. 

      • Have concern for the organization’s continued development and are willing to share new ideas for continued outreach and fundraising. 

      • Are willing to contribute personal and financial resources to the organization and to cultivate and solicit outside funds. 

      • Are prepared to set aside any potential conflict of interest between their personal or individual business to support the well-being of the organization. 

      • Have a well-developed sense of values and personal integrity 

      • Are sensitive to, and tolerant of, views and opinions different from their own

      • Are friendly, fun, responsive, patient, and have a sense of humor

      • Work well with both individuals and groups

      • Consistently meet deadlines, work hard and keep cool under pressure 

      • Can listen, analyze, and think clearly and creatively 

      • Are willing to prepare for and attend committee meetings and other events as necessary

      • Will take responsibility and follow through on assignments 

      • Create a positive environment

      • Can recruit new committee members and volunteers


Committee Chair Application
Deadline: Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Committee Member Application
On going

Social Equity & Advocacy Committee

The goals of the Social Equity & Advocacy Committee are to work towards a shared organizational understanding of equity, identify opportunities for improving our capacity and commitment to creating equity, and to provide a space for reflection, exploration, and both personal and professional growth.

The Social Equity & Advocacy Committee promotes the active commitment to fairness, justice, and equality both within IWC, as well as in the Illinois cannabis industry at large. We will work towards this commitment through advocacy, outreach, and technical assistance aimed at reducing disparities within the cannabis industry for marginalized communities.

Professional Development & Education Committee

The Professional Development & Education Committee works to ensure future leaders in the cannabis industry are prepared for a fluid market with ever-changing responsibilities. This committee is dedicated to improving the knowledge base, skills, abilities and confidence of current and future leaders. 

This committee’s mission is to support IWC leadership with strategic planning to develop the latest accessible and robust professional learning opportunities and continuing education where individuals can gain new skills and knowledge, and increase competencies to improve their job performance or hireability. 

Through equitable access to learning and training, the IWC network provides high-quality professional development and educational opportunities, specifically geared towards building skills and knowledge to work in the cannabis industry.

This committee’s responsibilities include creating professional development and educational programs leading to a certificate of completion. Programs will be delivered through a variety of formats, including in-person workshops (post-Covid-19), webinars, and one-on-one mentoring activities.

Responsibilities and expectations of Committee Members: 

These may vary, but minimally include the following: 

  • Perform assigned duties to accomplish the objectives of the committee

  • Attend monthly committee meetings by phone, occasionally more frequent in preparation for special events

  • Attend Committee meetings, events, and functions, as needed

  • Chair or co-chair sub-committees, as needed

  • Actively promote and implement IWC’s mission and goals

  • Assure that the quality of the P.D. & E. programs align with the IWC brand

  • Develop and coordinate the mentoring program to provide professional opportunities for career development. 

Fundraising & Development Committee

An effective Fundraising & Development committee is vital to the life and financial well-being of IWC. The F&D Committee goals focus on relationship building and raising revenue to meet the organization’s special or ongoing needs. The primary goal of the committee over the next 12-18 months is to develop a comprehensive Fund Development Plan that includes a mix of strategies such as an annual membership drive campaign and annual leadership awards.

Responsibilities and expectations of Committee Members:

  • Develop a long-range Fund Development Plan with a mix of strategies including revenue goals and action plans

  • Develop the case for philanthropic support

  • Devise and recommend fund development policies, practices, and action items for the Executive Director and Board of Directors  

  • Monitor and track progress on the Fund Development Plan

  • Problem solve to address lags in achievement of objectives and targets

  • Create a process to assure that all donors are respected and recognized in a timely manner

Marketing & Communications Committee

The Marketing committee supports, executes, and acts as a sounding board for marketing and communication strategies and tools used by IWC leadership to increase exposure. This committee helps develop and hone innovative ideas for content and outreach, assists with general IWC messaging, as well as provide feedback on marketing activities as requested.

IWC Member Experience Committee

The IWC Member Experience Committee collaborates with other committees, special interest groups, and IWC leadership to develop key strategies and best practices to deepen member engagement and ensure retention. This committee fine-tunes the recruitment process and clarifies and resolves common member needs and pain points, to provide better insight on recruitment, engagement, and retention.


Applicants must be age twenty-one (21) years or older. Length of Term All committee chair positions have a term of one (1) year. At the conclusion of a one (1) year term, an existing committee chair may be voted back for a subsequent one (1) year term on the existing committee or a different one without having to resubmit to the application process.

Applicants must be available to participate in an interview with the Executive Director and applicable Board Members, where they must demonstrate they have the skills, commitment, passion, and time to devote to the undertakings of the position in question. At the conclusion of all interviews and an appropriate amount of deliberation, the ED will nominate a candidate to fill the position. The Board will vote to confirm the candidate to the nominated position. 

Frequently asked questions

Do you have to be a woman to join IWC?

No. Diversity is our strength and we welcome all gender identities.

Is IWC limited to those who consume cannabis?

Not at all. IWC is all about education and professional development. This is not a consumption club.

What are the benefits of becoming an IWC member?

When you join IWC, you have access to the invaluable opportunity to network with our other members. In addition, you get access to discounted event tickets, job postings, education and training, and an affiliation and structure that will help you become more involved in the industry.

Does IWC host events outside Chicago?

Yes, we are continually expanding our reach and host many satellite and virtual events throughout the state.

I'm brand new to the cannabis industry. Where can I learn more?

Come to one of our events, sit in on an IWC committee meeting (you can participate in two without committing to membership), and learn as much as you can about the industry. Some helpful resources include:

National Cannabis Industry Association

Chicago Cannabis Information Center 

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML)